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Rules Specific Louvers

Race Louvers has many options to meet most racing series class rules.  Below are options we have in stock.  We also offer custom sizes to fit your needs.

Nasa:  American Iron, American Iron Extreme, German Touring Series, Honda Challenge 1-2, Super Touring 1-2 as well as 3 (non btm aero) and Autocross all permit hood venting without restriction.  Super Touring 3 (btm aero) and 4-6 limits height to no greater than 3/8" with no sqin limit.  Spec Z limits hood vent size to 400 sqin.

Note: All RS trim Race Louvers can be made to Nasa ST/TT3-6 spec. Simple order the RS trim product you prefer and list 'Nasa ST/TT3-6 Spec' in the order notes.

SCCA:  Grand Touring 1 allows for 2 louvers max 10x20" ea, GT2 allows for 4 louvers max 600sqin, Touring 1 permit any hood venting.  Touring 2 and 3 permit hood venting but restrict the size to a maximum of 1" tall and a maximum combined area of 200 sqin, while STU allows for a maximum of 200 sqin with no max height. SOLO Prepared allows for venting with a maximum of 500 sqin and a height no greater than 1".

Note: All RT trims meet the 1" height rule.

American Rally Association: Open classes, hood vents are permitted but have a maximum height of 15mm, all of our RS trims meet this rule. See ARA rulebook for other classes.

TransAm: TA permits two (2) hood louvers, maximum size of 20” x 10” with a minimum of five (5) slots. TA2 permits two hood louver panels maximum of x 16” long x 4” wide. SGT permits heat exhaust vents without size restriction.

Champcar Endurance Racing: No restrictions on hood extractors.

Time Attack (Global): Enthusiast, street, limited, unlimited and pro/comp all permit hood venting without restriction.

Time Attack (redline): Modified and unlimited classes permit hood venting without restriction

Time Attack (gridlife track battle):  Street modified, track modified, unlimited and super unlimited all permit venting without restriction.

Time Attack (world time attack challenge): Club sprint, open, pro am, and pro classes all permit hood venting.

Gridlife Street, Street GT, Falken Club TR, Touring Cup - Hood vents are unrestricted.

Gridlife Touring Cup - One vent or louver above the tire per side with an area 45 square inches or less is allowed.

Lucky Dog Racing Series: No restrictions on hood extractors.

American Endurance Racing: No restrictions on hood extractors.

HPDE: High performance driving events.  All HPDE cars, fun run and street cars are unrestricted.

Dont see your class listed?  Class rules recently updated?  Need a louver with specific requirements? Let us know and we can get you what you need.

* Please note class rules are subject to change and should be verified by the customer prior to purchase.