Race Louvers was founded based on the need for hood extractors that have actually been developed, tested and documented with real data unlike whats currently offered by the competition with their arbitrary claims. First we had to ask ourselves do we really need hood extractors and why? The answer clearly was yes and simply put, radiators need cooling air and that pressurizes the engine bay creating front lift. Our goal then was to create the best performing drop in hood extractor with data to back it up. Race Louvers, using aerospace methods, then spent a significant amount of time developing pressure mapping fixtures and equipment so that any product development could be reliably documented. Next we started to explore the various styles of hood venting and there pros and cons. We looked at old hot rod stamped louvers, common recessed louvers, waterfall style duct, raised louvers etc and even a big open hole. We wound up creating a hybrid extractor composed of features from a raised vent, louver vent and the big old hole. With prototypes in hand we took our Audi A4 track car to the wind tunnel with two goals in mind, one test our hybrid extractors as well as the competitors vents, and two to verify our pressure mapping equipment so that we can reliably test other products and cars in the future without having to bring every car to the tunnel. The results were a serious extractor with the ability to double the cooling airflow thru the radiator and provide four times the front downforce when compared to the competition. We then shop tested our extractors on several other types of cars all yielding similar results and a new feature we call zero speed cooling were the natural cooling rate once parked was cut in half compared to the competition. The end result was a hood extractor capable of providing over 40lbs of front downforce at 100mph while still providing sufficient cooling.

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